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The Last Portrait at Ling Kwang Nursing Home


Last month, John Lim Photography, together with volunteers from Ang Chin Moh, “took about 100 photos for the elderly residents in Ling Kwang Nursing Home as part of its volunteer programme called “The Last Portrait””, “to raise the death literacy rate of Singaporeans through public education campaigns.”

I’m glad to have helped in a little way, to make meaningful pictures for the folks, for the home.

This time, there were more opportunities to interact with the residents. They were relaxed and happy with the program, with the bingo games, make-up & hair-dressing station and their favourite tunes in the air. With the blessing of the home, I created an alternate set-up for the portrait session to break free from the stereotype of the “last portraits”.  They were real, honest and the immediate feedback received was good. Hope to be able to share some of those with you soon.

I’m glad to be involved again, with Ang Chin Moh, in volunteering for this project and I hope to get more opportunities to make a difference with my craft in future. Lets not take life for granted.


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